DJ Jennifer Lee

DJ Jennifer Lee

Party with Manila’s leading female celebrity DJ Jennifer Lee!

A brand ambassador for Pioneer DJ Philippines and awarded as the country’s first Best DJ by Aliw Awards, Jennifer Lee headlines some of the biggest music festivals in the country.

Her unique power-packed DJ act includes a flow arts light performance, live musical instruments using drums or electric guitar and a party remix personally created by DJ Jennifer Lee.

Also an actress, model and former beauty queen, Jennifer Lee’s last notable stint on the big screen was as a nemesis in the sexy action thriller “Maria”.

Aside from studying digital marketing and music, DJ Jennifer Lee also took Hospitality Management Major in Culinary Arts.

“She’s a legit DJ who’s got her technique down pat and solid music chops to back it up. In other words, she’s not a DJ because she’s a celebrity, or a TV star, or a model (even she’s all three): She DJs because she’s into the music she plays.”

Joey Santos
Assistant Editor – Digital DJ Tips


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