Fashion Shows

Fashion Shows

Organizing a Fashion Show is not just all glitz and glamour.  Behind the curtains are hard working individuals making the show look flawless and special.  One of them is the Event Planner who not only organizes the main show but also prepares all the prerequisites so the show will go on.

Suppliers for the main show is very important from the stage constructors up to the emcee and models but more important is having sponsors to cover all the expenses for the event.

A fashion show can last for only 5 to 20 minutes depending on the theme and purpose of the fashion show but preparations for this event can start five to six months before the actual show.  Venue and models have to be booked at least several months before to give ample time for the preparation of the clothing and to market and promote the event.  Some fashion shows are held as a contest lasting for several rounds which makes the duration longer.

According to, the fashion industry represents over USD$2.5 trillion and a 15 minute fashion show can cost around USD$200,000 up to over USD$1 million during Fashion Week.

Media Impact Value

It is a little puzzling to a layman how organizers will spend almost a million dollars for a 15 minute fashion show with a fuzzy ROI.  Launchmetrics measures the success of a fashion show using MIV or Media Impact Value – “an algorithm which measures the impact of media placements to derive a number for performance outcomes”.  It may be different for each fashion show as some will be a very small charity event or it can be a big event like the underwear fashion show of Bench which attracts thousands of patrons and hundreds of fashion icons. lists 11 of the most memorable fashion shows in history in no particular order.  Check them out for inspiration.

  • Dior haute couture spring/summer 1998
  • Chalayan autumn/winter 2000
  • Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2004
  • Chanel spring/summer 2012
  • Rick Owens spring/summer 2014
  • Opening Ceremony spring/summer 2017
  • Moschino resort 2019
  • Dior spring/summer 2019
  • Gucci spring/summer 2019
  • Raf Simons autumn/winter 2019
  • Pyer Moss spring/summer 2020

The two most influential fashion weeks are Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, which are both semiannual events. The Milan, London, Sibiu and Berlin fashion weeks are also of global importance.

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